Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Summer’s Over… BACK TO SCHOOL! You think you are bummed… think about how Fido feels.

dog chewing shoesDogs Separation Anxiety – Common Symptoms and Treatment

One of the greatest joys of dog ownership is the tight bond we experience and encourage with our dogs. However, if your dog becomes too reliant or dependent on you, dog separation anxiety can occur when you and your dog are apart.

Look At It from Your Dog’s Perspective

To your dog you are the most important thing in his/her world. Dogs are pack animals that are very social creatures and thrive on company for many reasons. Your dog would spend every bit of his life with you if he could, so it’s only natural that when you go out, your dog experiences varying degrees of distress or anxiety. He becomes confused, doesn’t know where you are going, why he can’t be with you and if you will be coming back to him. When the two of you are separated all he wants is to be reunited with his pack – which is you.

Here are some signs and symptoms that may indicate your dog is suffering from separation anxiety:

  1. Getting really worked up or anxious when you are preparing to leave the house.
  2. Engaging in inappropriate behavior only when you are separated. Behavior such as urinating inside, excessive barking and destructive behavior are common symptoms of canine separation anxiety.
  3. Following you everywhere you go and immediately becomes distressed if he can’t be near you.
  4. While you are away there may be excessive barking, crying, chewing, destructive behavior often directed at the windows and doors, inappropriate urinating, digging, escaping, loss of appetite and in severe cases, self       injury.

Why Do Dogs Experience Separation Anxiety?

In some cases the cause or trigger can be pinpointed to a particular event, but more often there appears to be no explanation for the dog separation anxiety to commence. Here are some examples of times when separation anxiety is most likely to occur.

  1. A change in routine. Such as school starting, your work hours changing or a family member leaving home. Dogs are creatures of habit and any changes can be very unsettling and confusing to them.
  2. After your dog experiences a traumatic event while on his own. A bad storm or loud fireworks while your dog is alone can make your dog associate humans leaving with something scary.
  3. If your dog is rarely left alone and becomes overly reliant on his humans.
  4. When you move to a new home or neighborhood.

Please remember that punishing your dog for his separation anxiety related behavior is NEVER the answer and if treated consistently and with love, separation anxiety is manageable.

What Can You Do To Help Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety Treatment

The golden rule is that you must educate your dog to accept the fact that sometimes you will need to be apart from each other. The earlier you start getting your dog used to this fact, the easier it will be, for both of you.

  • Ensure that your dog feels safe and comfortable when you are away from him. Provide plenty of fresh water and clean, warm bedding for your dog in a safe secure gated area of your home.
  • Be sure to give your dog plenty of exercise before leaving the home.
  • Provide some appealing dog toys to help occupy his time. Fill a Kong with canned dog food and freeze it for a fun treat your dog has to work for. Dura-chews, deer antlers and bully sticks are great options as well. (we DO NOT recommend rawhide chews)
  • Leave a blanket or piece of cloth with your dog that has your scent on it.
  • Hide treats in your dog’s gated area so he will have something to hunt for.
  • Leave the radio or TV on while you are away.
  • Sometimes adopting another dog can help.
  • Take obedience classes with your dog.
  • Doggy day care or a friend or family member’s home may be a good option.
  • Pay little or no attention to your dog when preparing to leave the house or returning.
  • Practice leaving without opening the door. Put on your shoes, pick up your keys, and walk to the door, but don’t leave. You may need to do this several times per day for weeks to quell your dog’s anxiety.
  • Keep your arrivals and departures as calm as possible. Don’t indulge in long goodbyes or excited greetings.
  • Have your dog wear a “Thunder Shirt” while he is on his own.
  • Try calming collars and diffusers that release calming aromas (available at Petsmart)
  • Natural calming chews containing colostrum found in mothers milk.

Ask your vet for help – there are many medications available to aid in severe cases of anxiety.


We Need Your Help To Rescue 100 Lovebugs This Year!

adoptalovebuglovebugsheaderheart 2012 ADOPTION GOAL UPDATE

Lovebugs Rescue is fortunate enough to have an amazing group of volunteers. These wonderful people all bring something different to our goal of guiding as many dogs as possible on their journey to their forever homes. We have volunteers that are great at caretaking, marketing, transporting, organizing, etc. Thanks to their tireless efforts, from January 1 to mid April 2012, 57 Lovebugs and counting are now part of loving new families and since our inception in fall of 2010, over 340 Lovebugs have found wonderful homes to call their own. Click to see all our happy tails. There are many ways you can help us in our mission to find great homes for our dogs. Spread the word about the wonderful work we do, volunteer or better yet, become a foster. The Lovebugs will all be glad you did!

lovebugsheaderheart Tilly’s Firstgiving Fundraiser: Tilly Beats Parvo!

tilly We rescued 3 month old Tilly out of Carson animal shelter, where she was turned in without a mommy or daddy. Sadly, Tilly became very sick in the shelter and tested positive for Parvo which put her on the euthanasia list. We rushed over to the shelter immediately. Tilly was taken to our emergency vet right away. For the next 3 days, Tilly received round the clock fluids and IV meds. She had 24hr supervision and by day 4 was finally ready to go into isolation in her foster home. Tilly beat the odds and is now living in her forever home with another cattle dog. With your support, we can help another dog such as Tilly who is in need. We are setting our fundraising goal to $1,500, which is the amount we spent on Tilly for her emergency care. To donate towards Tilly’s medical bills – Visit Her Firstgiving Page

lovebugsheaderheart Pogo’s Firstgiving Fundraiser: Please Donate In Memorial Of Pogo!

tilly Our sweet, little Pogo sadly passed away after having a seizure in her foster home, which followed a two-day stay at our emergency vet. Pogo was diagnosed with inflammatory brain disease, likely caused by a brain tumor. While we were not able to save Pogo, there are many others like her that we can save. If you would like to donate in memory of Pogo, your funds will go towards another dog with special medical needs. Our fundraising goal is $1,300, which is the amount we spent on Pogo’s medical care. To donate towards Pogo’s medical bills – Visit Her Firstgiving Page

lovebugsheaderheart April 2012 Happy Tail:“Ireland” Update, now named “Emily!”
Neglected Momma Finds Love In Lovely Nellie Gail! Click To Read Ireland’s Story.

lovebugsheaderheart March 2012 Happy Tail: “Amber” Update, now named “Tipitina!”
Deaf Austrailian Cattle Dog Finds Perfect Family With The Help Of Lovebugs & Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue Click To Read Amber’s Story.

lovebugsheaderheart February 2012 Happy Tail: “Razzleberry” Update, now named “Coco!”
Abused Backyard Breeding Dog Finds Loving Family In Lap Of Luxury! Click To Read Razzleberry’s Story.

lovebugsheaderheart In Remembrance Of Those That Have Touched Our Hearts & Crossed The Rainbow Bridge While In Our Care.

It is hard to lose a loved one, no less easy when we fall in love with EVERY Lovebug we help. Despite our greatest efforts we pay our respects to 3 dear ones that have moved on.
oliviacharlieCharlie, Pogo and Olivia touched so many people’s lives. From the volunteers who stayed by their side, to the vets who gave them the best medical care possible. Sometimes, it is just not meant to be. We are thankful that we were able to make a difference in these special lives, and they will never be far from our hearts as we continue to save more lives. Donate NOW to help us save the lives of at risk dogs before it is too late.

April 2012 Happy Tail: “Ireland,” now named “Emily!”

Neglected Momma Finds Love In Lovely Nellie Gail!

irelandThis once badly neglected and discarded mom has chosen her new forever mommy and daddy and is living it up as a pampered princess in Nellie Gale Ranch. Ireland, now named Emily Dickenson, is enjoying her new family and loves to play and take walks with her new Shih-Tzu brother Chopin.





Ireland’s Story:

This mama dog was discarded at the Baldwin Park shelter, terribly neglected and matted with 6 newborn puppies. No time for the beauty parlor, we had our vet remove her terrible mats so she can continue nursing and caring for her puppies.


March 2012 Happy Tail: “Amber,” now named “Tipitina!”

Deaf Austrailian Cattle Dog Finds Perfect Family With The Help Of Lovebugs & Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue

amberAmber was rescued out of Riverside County Shelter with her mom Jewel and two siblings. This family was covered in hundreds of stick fleas, and each flea had to be plucked off by our vet.  Soon the family was bathed and ready for adoption!

We noticed immediately that Amber was the highest energy puppy in the group, but just thought that was her silly personality.  Within a matter of time, we also noticed that Amber would many times be sleeping in her pen, while the others were playing around her. At first, we thought she was sick. But in fact we soon learned that Amber was deaf. Having never trained a deaf dog before, we scheduled an in home private training session with Amber to learn some basic sign skills. To our surprise, she picked up the signs within minutes!

We also learned that Amber has a very strong toy drive. Because Amber is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, we asked for the help of Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue, who has extensive experience in handling deaf and blind ACD breeds. Amber was transferred from a 1,500 sq. foot foster home in Southern California to a large ranch property in Flagstaff, Arizona with wide-open land and hiking trails that go for days. Lorina, the founder, personally took Amber under her care and continued her training on a more advanced level.  We followed Amber’s journey with Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue and enjoyed seeing her photos with other ACD’s, our favorite being one of her cuddled up to a lethal white.

amberdeaftrainAmber made friends quickly and touched the hearts of many until one day, her new “mommy-to-be” laid eyes on her at an adoption event. The rest is history and Amber, now named Tipitina joins a family of ACD’s and furry friends on yet another wide open property the Hudson Valley of New York.  She even has a “twin” named Squirt, who is also deaf!

Tipitina’s mom is a part of the Purina Pet Pro Team and is has done extensive Frisbee training and performing with various dogs on a competitive level.  Tipitina has already begun to learn what a “frisbee” is and we can’t wait to see some videos of her performing in the near future! From California to Arizona to New York, our little deaf cattle pup has traveled a long way to find her forever home. We are incredibly thankful to Lorina, founder of Arizona Cattle Dog rescue for helping us find the right home for this very special dog.

amber1 amberalone amber2 amberandsis

February 2012 Happy Tail: “Razzleberry”, now named “Coco!”

Abused Backyard Breeding Dog Finds Loving Family In Lap Of Luxury!

SophieandRazzyAfter starting her life as an abused breeding dog and then dumped at the Riverside shelter with multiple medical issues, we are pleased to announce that Razzy has chosen her forever family! Our little Razzy, now named Coco, has traded her dingy shelter digs for a luxurious home in Newport Beach. This prancing diva is now living the high life along side Lovebug, Sophia and brothers Charlie and Kobe. This pair of princess pooches can often be seen strutting their stuff at Fashion Island all decked out in matching pearls and tutus!

Her story is not an unusual one unfortunately!  Now that she has recovered and found a loving home she could not be happier!

Razzleberry’s Lovebugs Journey:

razzyThe all too common story of a puppy mill mommy is a sad and lonely one.  razzyearRazzleberry and thousands of dogs like her, are kept in kennels their entire lives with the sole purpose of delivering litter after litter of adorable puppies that are sold for thousands of dollars in pet stores throughout the country.  Because the medical care of these dogs cuts into the profit for the breeder, they sadly do not receive even the most basic care they need.  At 6 years old, Razzy was no longer a profitable breeding dog and was dumped at the Riverside Shelter.  She was never groomed, bathed nor had her teeth cleaned.  As a result, Razzy has suffered razzleberryshelterbroken and missing teeth from chewing the bars of her cage. She has likely had a painful ear infection most of her life as her ear canals have narrowed and hardened. We also think that poor Razzy was “debarked”. To make matters worse, she had a very large hematoma on one of her ears that was engorged with blood that required extensive surgical repair to remove. Razzy underwent surgery to not only remove the hematoma, but also had several teeth cleaned, a mammory mass that was removed, and she was spayed.

Reader Rescue Story: Kota the Lovebug

Article from

Kota Wheaten MixThis week’s story is about Kota, a Wheaten Terrier-Border Collie mix. Kota had no idea he was about to bring joy to a heartbroken man and help a couple to become stronger in their love, but that’s exactly what he did. We hope you enjoy reading his story as much as we did.

If you are the pet parent of a rescued dog, we want to share your story, too! For information about submitting your story, click here.

We May Have Rescued Kota, but Kota Saved Us
By Erin Grubisich

I desperately wanted a dog, but I didn’t just want any dog – I wanted one that was special.  I always felt it was important to rescue a dog, rather than purchase one from a pet store. The only problem was my husband did not want a dog.

He was going through a very hard time as he had just lost his grandfather.  He was really struggling emotionally and I was struggling trying to help him. On top of that, we disagreed on getting a dog, so I was really sad.

After about a month of discussing dogs with my husband, and bringing it up again and again, he started to realize how much I wanted one.  And so he came around and agreed we could get a dog (a miracle!), only if I was very responsible and took good care of the dog, of course.

kota-dakotaAs soon as I got the green light from my husband, I searched the internet to find our dog. I searched every local rescue and shelter until I came across Lovebugs Rescue.  I looked through their available pets and saw adorable puppies. There was one in particular that caught my eye: Dakota, a Wheaten Terrier-Border Collie mix.

I fell in love with his picture and desperately wanted to meet him.  I told my husband, and with some convincing, we arranged to meet Dakota at his foster mom’s house over the weekend.

I can’t even describe my excitement. When we arrived, I met Dakota, but he was incredibly timid. He carefully approached us from behind, not head-on, and if you even flinched he would scurry away. I thought he was just precious, and although he seemed afraid of me, I wanted to do whatever I could to make him feel safe.

Slowly but surely, Dakota came closer to me. First he got a good “whiff” of me, then he let me pet him, and the next thing you know, he was rolling on his back wanting a belly rub and flopping all over the place like a clumsy puppy does.  It was the cutest thing!

Cathy, the foster mom, told me that he was the last to be adopted because he was relatively larger than his littermates and some families thought he would be too big. I wasn’t worried about him being too big. I thought he was darling and wanted him to come home with us.

We ended up taking him home and shortening his name to Kota.  With each day that passed, Kota warmed up to us and gained trust in us as his new parents.

kotabwSomething that I never expected or planned for was how much Kota helped my husband and me.  He became our own little “therapy” dog.  I saw my husband laughing and smiling more, and with each day and encounter with Kota, he became happier and began to heal from the loss of his grandfather.

Kota helped us bond and through that our marriage became stronger.  He also gave me more purpose in life.

There is never a day that goes by that Kota does not make me laugh or smile, and I truly feel that dogs are a gift from God to help us feel complete.  We plan in the next year to get Kota certified and trained as a therapy dog, so that we can take him to visit patients in the hospital.

I believe that we blessed Kota by taking him in, but I know he has blessed us even more by being the most loving and fun dog I have ever had.

PHOTO: Erin Grubisich

December 2011 Happy Tail: “Greta” – A Senior Pup Finds A Fabulous Home

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

greta in hbTo see Greta, aka, Coco today in her fabulous Newport Beach Townhome, one would never suspect that this sweet senior Chihuahua ever had it rough.  Coco was turned into the Baldwin Park animal shelter after being found wandering around an apartment complex. She must have walked for miles because the bottom pads of her paws were torn and bleeding.  When we first saw her shelter mug shot with her tongue hanging out the side, we immediately put a hold on her before we had even met her! We rushed over to scoop her out of the scary shelter and held her in a soft blankie the entire way home. We still wonder how Coco got separated from her owner. She appears to have been someones pet – she was already spayed, her coat was downy soft and she appeared to have had teeth extractions previously. Did her owner pass away? Lose their home? Did she get lost?

While her past is still a mystery to us, we quickly learned that Coco is quite the diva and certainly has a mind of her own! She knows how to get what she wants and is a very smart little girl. Coco is a 9 year old, 3 pound purebred applehead Chihuahua with no teeth (we had her last two pulled) and bad knees.  Some may ask themselves who in the world would want to adopt a dog like Coco but her adoptive parents, Bill and Tammy Walsworth can’t understand who wouldn’t!

greta-coco2Bill and Tammy have remarked at how easy it was to transition Coco into her new home and integrate her into their daily routine with their other rescued Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. When asked to comment on her adoption, her family replied “A senior pet is the best pet! We did not have to worry about chewing, she was potty trained very quickly, was already the perfect size and had a wonderful personality ideal for our home and lifestyle”, says Tammy.

Coco and thousands of dogs like her, just need someone with an open heart and a warm lap to show you the joy their companionship can bring.  These sweet discarded and often over-looked senior pets, have hearts as big as lions and nothing but love to share.  We hope that Coco’s story has inspired you to consider a senior the next time you adopt.


January 2012 Happy Tail: “Olivia” – From Emergency Room To Miracle Recovery

Found matted on deaths door in an overcrowded kennel.

oliviaOn a trip to Riverside Shelter we found sweet Olivia getting trampled in an over crowded kennel.  Olivia was skin and bones, hiding in the corner of the kennel completely shut down. We took one look at Olivia and we decided right then and there to take her with us.  During Olivia’s first 24 hours in the rescue, it became increasingly obvious that she was a very sick dog.

As her health continued to decline, day 3 began with Olivia’s first trip to the emergency room. Memorial Day, 2011 at 6:30 am, is where we began the long journey to diagnosing her illness.  Olivia was poked and prodded for days on end and her foster family feared they were simply providing hospice care to make her comfortable until she passed.  She was painfully thin, refusing to eat and rarely leaving her bed until the day her doctors finally found the answer we were looking for.  Olivia was suffering from liver failure likely resulting from eating something toxic during her life of living on the streets.  Now that we had an answer and a regiment of medication and a proper diet, we could start down the road to help Olivia recover.  The road to recovery was not without some sizeable bumps.  At only a year old, Olivia still had the personality of a puppy and as she began to feel better, she began to show us her mischievous side.  She chewed and swallowed parts of her toys, ate twigs in the yard and finally chewed through an electric cord all the while educating us as to the importance of Olivia-proofing any home she would ultimately live in.

olivia1Family after family applied to adopt Olivia and each time the adoption coordinators at Lovebugs carefully explained her condition to every family telling them that she would likely need a special diet and a watchful family for the rest of her life.  One by one, the families decided not to adopt Olivia until one day… an application came in from the Maggay family.  The adoption coordinators called this family just like all the others expecting another disappointing outcome but to our surprise this family was open to meeting our little Lovebug even with her health concerns.  We primped and polished Olivia in hopes that she would make her best impression and off we went to our adoption appointment.  Of course Chris and Mary Maggay thought Olivia was adorable and loved her delightful personality but we still did not know if having a dog with special needs was what they had in mind.  Little did we know, Olivia was actually directing this adoption appointment and SHE was choosing her new family right before our eyes.  On August 20, 2011, Olivia began her new life as a pampered furry member of the family she was always meant to be part of.

Happy New Year!

Cheers To Saving More Lovebugs in 2012!

pupkissWith the arrival of a new year inevitably comes a variety of new year’s resolutions.   Many people vow to be more organized, eat healthier, keep in touch with family better, and so on.   How about becoming a foster parent for a shelter dog in need? Our rescue would not be a success without the wonderful, loving foster homes our dogs live in until they choose their forever families.  One of the most rewarding things you can do is to help guide a homeless dog on his/her journey to start their new life.
lovebugsheaderheart Apply to be a foster parent today!

lovebugsheaderheart Fundraise To Heal Razzleberry – A Story of Neglect By Backyard Breeders

lovebugsheaderheart Thanks to All Who Helped Us Fundraise To Bring Jewel Home! Thanks to yur generous donations we were able to bring Jewel back to her foster home for the holidays.  She has made 100% recovery and is currently in on a trial adoption with a loving family.  To donate towards Jewel’s medical bills – Visit Our Firstgiving Page

lovebugsheaderheart January 2012 Happy Tail: Reader Rescue Story: Kota the Lovebug
A Touching Article from

lovebugsheaderheart January 2012 Happy Tail: “Olivia” – From Emergency Room To Miracle Recovery
Found matted on deaths door in an overcrowded kennel.

lovebugsheaderheart December 2011 Happy Tail: “Greta” – A Senior Pup Finds A Fabulous Home
Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

lovebugsheaderheart February 19, 2012 – Fundraising Event – Dental Clinic with Animal Dental Care

Visitors to the house




The food has been prepared, the decorations have been hung and your Christmas dress is ready, but is there something you’re missing? Forgetting to teach Fido his party manners can turn any well behaved dog into a jumping, food stealing barking monster. So how do you fit dog training into your already busy schedule of shopping, cooking and decorating? You don’t have to.

Below are three different plans that require little or no training, just pick a plan and execute. 

Plan 1

Keep Fido on leash before guests arrive so that you can prevent him from jumping on people.

  • Ask Fido to sit when guests arrive and reward him for sitting
  • If Fido is too excited to sit, reward him for keeping all four paws on the floor. (If there are two paws on the floor then the other two paws are on a human, so drop food on the group when Fido has all four paws down).
  • Reward frequently so Fido does not have an opportunity to jump
  • Guests can give Fido a treat to help reinforce sitting or for keeping all four paws on the floor

Plan 2

Keep Fido behind a baby gate, in his crate or in another room when company arrives

  • Fido can’t jump on your guests or steal food if he can’t get to it
  • Let Fido out to mingle when he is calm and when your guests arrive
  • If you’re excited when you guests arrive, chances are Fido will get excited as well. It’s hard for Fido to be calm when there is so much excitement so putting him in his crate will prevent jumping
  • Removing a shy or fearful dog from all the action will help him feel comfortable – using a crate, ex-pen or gate is not punishment. It’s smart. Not every dog wants to be the center of attention

Plan 3

Give Fido something to do when guests arrive and/or during dinner

  • Giving Fido a stuffed Kong or Bully stick will keep him occupied when guests arrive
  • He can’t jump on Grandma if he is busy licking the yummy stuffing out of a Kong
  • Building a Kong addiction ahead of time will ensure he will enjoy his Kong enough to ignore the doorbell
  • Stuffing the Kong with cream cheese, mashed potatoes or a novel creamy food keep him stuck to his Kong like glue
  • Keep Fido busy longer by freezing the stuffed Kong (dog trainer favorite)

* Note:  Grapes, raisins and chocolate are dangerous for dogs. Contact your veterinarian for a complete list of list of toxic foods for dogs. 

Wonder what dog trainers do with their dogs?

My dog trainer friends usually combine plan 1 and plan 2. I keep frozen goodies in my freezer so I can quickly grab one and stuff them into the Kong when guest arrive.

Most important

Holidays are a great time to connect and visit with family and friends, Fido included. Be patient and keep in mind that your dog doesn’t know it’s rude to say hello by jumping on you and your guests. It’s your job to teach Fido what you want or manage his environment so he doesn’t learn a bad habit.

Sherry Nativo, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP is a certified profession dog trainer. She is the owner of All About Training Dogs in Orange County, CA. Visit for more information.

Dapper Dog Social Broadcast on KTLA Featuring Lovebugs Rescue


LovebugsRescue Featured Pet: Tiffi


Breed: Poodle
Gender: Female
Age Est: 5 1/2 years
Weight: 12 lbs

Fun-loving, fluffy gal, seeks a home for the holidays.

You could never tell by looking at her sweet face, but Tiffi, is suffering from a broken heart. Not only did Tiffi lose her home when her owner passed away, but she also has a heart defect that causes her to have a hard time catching her breath when she gets excited. Tiffi’s condition cannot be surgically repaired but it is very well managed with medication. Aside from not going on long walks, there are very few things that Tiffi cannot do. She is a master snuggler, eats like a champ, is sometimes silly and playful, and she has a special soft spot for the gentlemen in her life.

Tiffi is an amazing companion with lots of love to share. We have no doubt that her special person is out there somewhere. Please consider being Tiffi’s hero and make this holiday season one to remember by giving her the comfort of knowing she has someone she can count on to love and cherish her.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Tiffi, please click here for an application.

Lovebugs Rescue 5 Year Anniversary Celebration



We could not think of a better way to acknowledge the lives we have saved, our dedicated volunteers, and all families we have helped complete along the way than with a big bash to celebrate, and boy did we ever! Over 200 people came out to whoop it up and help raise funds to continue our mission to help animals in need and spread the word about our rescue efforts.

Jon Madison of Madison Square & Garden Cafe in Laguna Beach, generously donated the venue and all the yummy eats and drinks. We had fabulous silent auction items, soft music, lots of spots to sit and visit and best of all, a pile of puppies to snuggle and kiss.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support us and celebrate 5 wonderful years of making a difference in the lives of many. We would not be where we are today without you!

Click here to view photos of this fabulous event. If you would like to purchase any of the photos of our anniversary celebration, a portion of the purchase price will benefit Lovebugs Rescue.

Warning: Coyotes can injure or kill your pets


It’s August in Southern California and that means pet owners have something very dangerous to watch out for, COYOTES. Coyotes rear their pups in the Spring, and by July coyote pups are hungry and on the move. Why does this matter to you? Coyotes are very capable of killing dogs and cats. In fact, many Southern California dogs and cats are killed each year and the number of attacks and sightings are increasing.

What can you do to protect your pet?

  • Do not feed coyotes
  • Supervise your pets when they are outdoors
  • Consider closing off your dog door, especially if you have a small dog
  • Coyotes jump over fences, even an 8 foot fence is no detriment to a coyote
  • Keep pet food and water indoors
  • Keep lids on garbage cans
  • Remove fallen fruit from trees
  • Trim ground-level shrubbery to avoid hiding places
  • Walk dogs on a short leash, keeping them close at your side
  • Keep cats indoors

If a coyote approaches or acts aggressively, make noise, look big and pick up small children and pets. Do not turn your back to a coyote, just back away from it slowly.

Keep your Lovebugs safe!

We need You!

Hiring July2016Newsletter 062816

Paid Positions

Administrative Assistant:

Responsible for the day to day administration of Lovebugs Rescue. Duties to include registration of microchips, uploading dog records into database, listing pets on petfinder and adopt a pet, summarizing applications, taking and editing dog photos of adoptables, light errands to/from the vet or to/from foster homes.

Flexible schedule, 4 – 10 hours per week with some local travel required.

Must have a scanner/copier in their own home.

Compensation paid hourly, will be discussed with potential candidates.

Send resumes to

Computer Programer:

Responsible for the maintenance of the back end of our website and database. We are looking for someone who can build onto our existing database and website. Must have programing experience and be familiar with Joomla, SobiPro and Go Daddy interfaces.

Flexible schedule, as needed.

Compensation paid hourly, will be discussed with potential candidates.

Send resumes to


Volunteer Positions

Logistics Team:

Ability to help transport our gear to and from our storage unit in Santa Ana is a plus, and transporting to our various events, set up and tear down of booth space. Set up and tear down of monthly pet store events in Orange. Team will only need to be present at set up and tear down at events.

Please complete our Volunteer Application here. Please specify which position you are volunteering for.

Volunteer Coordinator:

Responsible for volunteers at events to include pre-event management of time slots, holding brief orientation for volunteers during event at the beginning of each shift, and assigning volunteers to designated areas. This person should also be prepared to answer questions for volunteers.This person must be present at our events.

Please complete our Volunteer Application here. Please specify which position you are volunteering for.