501c3 Non-Profit

What Does it Mean To Have Non-Profit Status?

Non profit organizations (NPO) are a crucial part of our society providing funds for good causes. An entity is formed to provide programs and services for benefit of these causes.

These organizations are regulated by the Internal Revenue Service and the state agency where the entity was formed.

Articles of incorporation filed must include specific language that states the organization will use any funds they receive for the specific cause designated in the articles. Additionally, it states if at any point the entity is dissolved, that any existing assets are to be contributed to another non profit of the same cause.

Because non profits are not for financial gain of any person involved, Federal tax law recognizes NPO’s as exempt from Federal income tax under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If the gross receipts of an NPO exceed $25,000, they are required to file the appropriate tax filings which are made public through Guidestar at:

Additionally, the state of California has a master list of exempt organizations they recognize. This list is updated monthly and can be found at:

Charitable Contribution IRS Info Chart - Click image to download to print


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