Arizona Angels

These 6 cuties were rescued off an Indian Reservation in Arizona. They were found abandoned on a property and the neighbors were feeding them cows milk. Shortly after we got them tucked away in one of our foster homes, the pups crashed with lethargy, vomiting and high fevers. We suspected PARVO and we were right. All 6 pups were admitted to the specialty vet. $34,000 later (no joke) the pups made a full recovery and each was adopted. This was by far one of the most expensive medical cases we have taken on! But we weren’t about to let them down.


Sweet Duncan came to Lovebugs Rescue with a horrible tick infestation and skin infection. He had raw patches and hair loss all over. Duncan was just a young pup and didn’t deserve the neglect he had already lived. But that all changed when he became a Lovebug. We were able to give him the medical care he needed and he is now being loved and cherished by his forever family.


Juliet came to Lovebugs with a male dog named Romeo. They had a big secret to reveal when Juliets belly began to grow. Juliet gave birth to a litter of beautiful healthy pups, and everyone found wonderful homes thanks to Lovebugs Rescue!


Tobi is just one of many examples of how a dog can go from pure neglect to someone’s beloved pet. And what a difference a grooming makes! Tobi once lived on the streets without a family to call his own. He was rescued and now lives with a family who loves him dearly!


Lovebugs Rescue was contacted by a wonderful lady named Katie, who went above and beyond to save this sweet boy. Katie was coming home from a backpacking trip in Yosemite. She stopped at a gas station in Earlimart, CA, when something caught her eye. A dog was wedged into a corner between a table and a wall. He was in bad shape. He was covered in mats and feces, and you could not tell where the dog ended and the mats began. She spoke with the store clerk about the dog, and the clerk began to explain that he had been there for over a MONTH. There was a bowl outside for him with nothing but cigarette butts and ash inside. No water. Temperatures that day reached 110 degrees. Thankfully, Katie is one of those people that was not willing to let the dog sit in that condition left to die. She picked him up and put him in her car. His name is Earl, and he was grateful as he pushed his body up against a cooler she had in the car to cool himself off. Katie took it upon herself to start his vetting. Surprisingly, he is in fairly good shape, aside from one of his eyes that is dry and currently being medicated. Katie reached out to various rescue groups for help, as she is moving away to school in a week. Earl became a Lovebug shortly after and received all of his vetting. He won the hearts over of a former adopter who had recently lost her first Lovebug to congestive heart failure. Earl will never have to look back again


Krishna came to Lovebugs Rescue with 6 newborn pups. She was terribly matted and thin. We were able to cut off some of the mats while she stayed glued to her pups the first two weeks. Once everyone was settled we were able to give Krishna the spa day she so deserved. Krishna is the sweetest gal and loves everyone she meets. She is now living in San Diego with her forever family and all her puppies have found their forever homes.

Baby Barney

Barney came to us as a newborn puppy after we received an after hours plea from the shelter. Our rescue director literally had to get up from the dinner table to go rescue this tiny tot and get it to our bottle feeder. Otherwise, this pup just starting his life would be euthanized. Baby Barney was said to have been found on someones door step. When we got him, he was covered in live worms and fleas and boy was he hungry! As you can see, that bottle feeding paid off and Baby Barney, now named Simon joins a pack in his new home.


It is hard to believe this is the same dog. Elsa was abandoned in a Home Depot parking lot, shaved and rail thin. She must have had a recent litter of puppies, because her teats were still full from nursing. However, no puppies were to be found. We scooped Elsa to safety and gave her round the clock care, including meals she could count on. Elsa was quite a handful for our rescue. She was full of energy and an escape artist. While at the dog park one day, we stumbled across a nice couple that have a passion for the Husky breed. The very next day, Elsa became a member of their pack. This couple also had plans to start their own rescue and they recently opened their doors as Shadow Husky Rescue. You can find Elsa hanging around their with her friends!


Domino was rescued from the Coachella Shelter after he had suffered a severe eye injury, that was thought to be from a dog attack. Despite the horrific injury, Domino wagged his tail and gave kisses the entire way home from the shelter. We immediately got Domino into surgery that very same day to have his eye removed. This little one eyed terrier has the sweetest disposition and we are so glad we were able to help him out.


Jerry came to us with his brother Ben with what started out as upper respiratory infection. It quickly turned into pneumonia. Ben got better, but Jerry continued to decline. Jerry tested positive for Distemper and was fighting for his life. At one point, the speciality hospital told us that they were not there to provide hospice service. Jerrys foster mom did not give up on him. She and her husband worked around the clock feeding and caring for Jerry. And in the end, they saved his life. Jerry is one of our miracle dogs who survived despite the odds were against him.

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