Anna was roaming as a stray for 1 1/2 years in Santa Ana behind the Shinoda design center. The homeless people had been feeding her, everyone knew of her, but no one could catch her. Until one day, Anna had 6 puppies behind one of the buildings. The puppies were sitting out in the direct sunlight when Anna took off to go get food. A good samaritan scooped the puppies up to safety and contacted Lovebugs Rescue right away. Now it was up to us to catch mama. With the help of several people, we were able to set a trap out and catch Anna when she returned to look for her puppies. Anna was happily reunited with her puppies and the rest is history!


Whisper was left behind at the shelter and quickly was listed for euthanasia because she had a heart defect called Patent Ductus Arteriosus. Thankfully for Whisper, this can be surgically repaired. But at a hefty price tag! Whisper had a successful surgery and she is now with her forever family!

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow was discarded at the shelter after he suffered a head concussion. The impact was so severe, it knocked his left eye out of the socket. We quickly rushed Jack from the shelter to our vet where he underwent an emergency surgery to reposition his eye. Jack did not regain eye sight in that left eye, however he did gain a wonderful family to call his own!


Amelia was discarded at the Orange Shelter and quickly made it to the euthanasia list. Thankfully, Lovebugs Rescue came to the rescue in the nick of time! Amelia underwent two surgeries. One to repair a significant hernia she had where her uterus was coming through. A second to address her neglected mouth and dental disease. Amelia was also treated for a secondary skin infection on her coat. It was all worth it because look at her now with her new mommy and daddy!


We were asked by a local shelter to take Charlie and treat him for the terrible mange he was suffering from. Charlies recovery took several months with repeated skin scrapings until he tested negative. Finally, his treatment paid off and he was mange free! Charlie is now in his forever home!


PARVO strikes again! Teddy was discarded at the shelter with the deadly PARVO virus. He was scheduled to be euthanized within the hour if a rescue did not come for him. Lovebugs Rescue did come for Teddy, and gave him the life saving treatment he needed. Now Teddy is living the life in Coto de Caza. PARVO can be avoided if you keep your puppy or adult dog up to date with their DHP vaccination.


Vixen was one of our amazing mommy dogs, but she was also one of our worst tick infested cases we have ever seen. Vixen was covered head to toe with hundreds of ticks under her matted coat – baby ticks, adult ticks, all sizes and shapes. Hundreds! Once Vixen was shaved by our groomer, we were able to start picking off the ticks. Because Vixen was a nursing mom of 3 newborn puppies, the ticks had to be hand picked off as tick prevention topical could harm the newborn puppies. Vixen is now a pampered pooch in her forever home, and all three of her puppies have also been adopted!


Buddy was discarded at the shelter as a 7 week old puppy with multiple draining abscesses and a broken front leg. He was diagnosed with a condition called Puppy Strangles. Buddy underwent months of painful recovery which included two surgeries. In the end, it was well worth it! Buddy is now loving life in his forever home!


Merlin was turned into the Orange County animal shelter with the entire surface of his head and portions of his body burned. Despite this horrible abuse, Merlin is a happy little doggie who loves people. It took about a month for Merlins skin to heal, and what a difference some TLC made! Merlin, now named Marley has found a wonderful home and has a new furry sister named Baby.


Pixie was surrendered to our rescue when her previous owner passed away. When we got Pixie her skin was very red, itchy and raw. She has chronic allergies that went left untreated for so many years. As a result, she developed yeast and bacterial infections all over her skin. We treated her with antibiotics and allergy medication to help relieve her pain. Pixie will always have an allergic condition, but at least she is now in a home where it is being treated and managed so this little girl doesn’t have to live in discomfort.

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