Daphne was turned into the Redlands Animal Shelter a matted mess. Because she was so badly matted, she had to be shaved down. Once she was shaved, the horror was revealed that she had a terrible skin reaction that exposed raw skin on the top of her back. Our vet determined that she was likely burned by the heated thermal blanket during her shelter spay. Days later the skin blistered up and the pain began. She went through extensive treatement with ointments and antibiotics to heal the skin.


We pulled Nora from the Baldwin Park shelter where she sat with two very cherry eyes. Nora also has allergies which made her cherry eyes very irritating and itchy. Our vets worked their magic, and now Nora no longer has to live with her cherries. You may find Nora in Corona Del Mar taking a walk along the beach with her mommy.


Bandi was pulled from Orange County Shelter with a hair-do that had seen better days. His fur had grown out into dreadlocks that were so matted they were painfully pulling on his skin with every move he made. We all too often see dogs neglected in this manner. Although our groomer has worked wonders on our dogs, his magic was no match for the terrible condition of Bandi’s dreads so he had to be shaved. We do expect his curly locks to grow back in no time!


We found Snowy in South LA shelter, where he sat in pain for weeks with a ruptured eye from a deep ulcer. His pain was so severe he could hardly walk. We immediately got Snowy into our vet to be evaluated and schedule him for surgery. Three days later, Snowy underwent a $1,000 Surgery to remove his left eye. This was made possible by public donations we raised via Snowy’s chipin. The day he was brought home from his surgery, he was up walking around as if his weeks of pain was a distant memory. A few months later, he was adopted by a couple who had recently lost a special needs Chihuahua named Cooper. Snowy was adopted into this loving home and a month later, Snowy adopted his very own Chihuahua pal named Hank.

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